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Military Jewelry: Gold US Army Dog Tags, Pendants & Charms

Unique Military Jewelry from is the best military jewelry for servicemen and women. Choose from Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps, Coast Guard and Police. These distinctive and quality crafted military jewelry collection symbolizes your Service, Tradition, Honor and Pride.

14K Gold U.S. Marine Corps Insignia Disc Pendant

14K Yellow Gold Flying Eagle Pendant

14K White Gold Medium Diamond-Cut Eagle Pendant

14K Gold 3D Liberty Bell Charm

14K Yellow Gold "RN" Caduceus Charm

14K Gold Engraveable Police Badge Charm

14K Gold Enameled United States Flag Pendant

14K Gold Saint Michael Medal Charm

Sterling Silver St. Michael Enameled Medal

Showing Your Pride With Army Jewelry

Your army uniform comes complete with a dress uniform and your dog tags that identify you wherever you go. Some people find a great deal of pride in their service to their country in the army and they like to take their accessories to new levels with the wide array of army jewelry that is available. It doesn't matter what division you served with or where you were stationed you will always find a piece of jewelry to commemorate your time when you served your country and brought a great deal of pride to your family and to yourself as well.

There is a misconception that all young people join the military because they feel that they have no other options and the military is an easy way to get a start on a career. Nothing could be further from the truth. Contrary to popular belief the army does not just take anyone that wants to sign up. There is a strict regiment of pre-requisites that you must meet before you will be allowed to sign up for the army and those pre-requisites include an education requirement and a health requirement. The army does not take anyone without a high school diploma and even though you may have seen something different in the movies the army is not a great place for obese people to go and lose weight. There is a great level of pride that many young people feel when they realize that they have met the necessary requirements to join the army. So for many young people the army is not just someplace they can waste a few years while they figure out what they want to do with their lives. The army is a career choice that requires a great deal of discipline to be part of and is a great source of pride for anyone involved.

When you are allowed to join the army you are issued a uniform that consists of your dress uniform and your every day uniform. Part of that uniform is your dog tags which contain all of your identifying information. To many people their pride at joining the army and serving their country is so strong that they want to invest in some accessories that will add to their look and allow them to wear their army pride even in their civilian clothing. You can get an gold pendant that is a replica of the logo of the division within the army that you serve in. You can get your rank in a gold replica that you can keep on display in your home or wear with you wherever you go. The options for army pendants and replicas are endless and many people wear them with pride and invest a great deal of money in these tokens of their pride.

One of the pieces of army jewelry that many people invest in is a ring that represents the division you serve in and is something you can wear whenever you want. These rings can be beautiful and decorative or simple to suit your personal tastes. Whether you get a ring that is cast in gold or a ring that is cast in iron the point is that you feel the pride associated with serving your country and you have decided to invest in that pride with some beautiful army jewelry.

Different Types Of Military Jewelry

If you are looking to get military themed jewelry for the person close to you there are a few steps you have to take first. If you have never bought military jewelry before you need to read on to make sure that you get the right kind and it is appropriate. For each of the four branches of the military there are different kinds of jewelry so make sure not only that you are getting the right kind that it will make the person you got it for feel happy and appreciate your purchase. While it can be hard to chose, I will help you find the right piece.

The first type of jewelry is for people in the Army. Here you will generally see a collection of different pendants and pins. You can choose from pendants that are just for the overall Army as well as pendants for specific regiments and brigades. If you can find out what regiment your military person served in and get them a pendant that corresponds to that particular one. Some of the most popular include pendants for the 101st airborne and the 10th mountain Division. Special Forces pendants are also very popular. You can usually find these pendants in either silver or gold but gold is generally much more appropriate. You can also get pins signifying the different units, although a pendant is usually more appropriate.

The next kind of pendant you can get is an Air Force pendant. This again like the Army pendants will have specific pins dedicated to certain units, but in addition to that there are pendants for certain aircraft. This separates the Air Force pendants a bit from the Army ones in that the Army ones can be much more division, brigade, and unit based while the Air force ones tend to highlight the vehicle involved. Again it will help if you know what type of aircraft the person worked on to get them the right pendant. These pendants can even be appropriate for non military personnel who are interested in the Air Force. Again these pendants generally come in either silver or gold, with gold being the more appropriate metal in general for these ones. There are even some that blend the too, and some that even include diamonds. The most magnificent is the Air Force Diamond wings, which make a great gift for any airman.

Next up is the Navy pendants. These carry over a lot of similarities from the previous two types but also have specific pendants dedicated to ships and accomplishments. There are scuba diver badges and recon badges that can be used to commemorate a significant feat of the Navy person. Again gold and silver are very common with gold being preferred. There are many different badges and emblems to select from and I would work with the person the gift is for to find the right one.

Last up are the ones for the Marine Corp. These pendants are similar and have many things in common with the Navy ones because they come from the same branch. The thing that differentiates the Marine Corp ones from the other pendants is that they have pendants dedicated to specific accomplishments of the corp. If you the recipient was involved in on of these it is very appropriate to get them a gift to commemorate it. I suggest looking through and trying to find a pendant that relates to their specific experience

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