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When you think of a United States marine, you think of toughness and backbone. You think of someone who gets the job done. You might not think of jewelry. However, there is a large selection of Marine Corps Jewelry items designed to commemorate one’s time in the service of his country as a member of the marines. For example, there are several different styles of 14 carat emblem bearing the word “bulldog” that expresses the tenacious toughness of the marine. There is also a 14 carat emblem bearing the letters “USMC.” As it is said, once a marine, always a marine, and the pride that comes with having served in the United States Marine Corps is only highlighted by this special Marine Corps jewelry. There is also a simple disc bearing the Marine Corps emblem in enamel red, white and blue on white or yellow gold. The simple dog tag design also bears the Marine Corps emblem in white or yellow gold.

14K Gold Marine Corps Cross Pendant

14K Gold USMC Charm

Sterling Silver Reversible US Marine Corp St.Christopher Pendants

14k Bulldog Pendant

14k Bulldog Pendant

14K Gold Cross With Marine Corps Insignia Pendant

14k White Gold Bulldog Pendant

14K Gold U.S. Marine Corps Insignia Disc Pendant

14k U.S. Marine Pendant

14k Bulldog Pendant

14K Gold Reversible US Marine Corps Saint Christopher Pendant

14K Yellow Gold Cut Out Bulldog Pendant

14K Yellow Gold Mariner Cross Pendant with Eagle
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